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We did it! We did the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu (5days – 4 nights) with Okidoki Travel Agency, which is located next to the Okidoki Hostal. We were highly satisfied with the price, service and information provided. The group we went with in the beginning of december, booked all with different agencies. Because we were with Okidoki, we were able to give a little bit more weight to the horses, we were provided with better matresses and sleeping bags and were overall better informed about the trek. We knew very well what was included and what not, where we had to go and we received our tickets to Machu Picchu and busses well in advance. It makes trekking easy for beginners.

Some of our concerns before the trek: December is rain season and you may have 5 days of rain, but that’s only when you have bad luck. And still, in the evening you will be warm in the sleeping bag Okidoki provided. The second day is the hardest and it can snow near the Salkantay mountain. Don’t take too much with you, 6kg in your (day)backpack if you have an average condition/experience. Take mostly clothes that dry easily and are still warm. The most difficult is the height, not the effort. If you doubt whether you can do it or not, you can do it! And if not, there’s the possibility to get on the horse to get up. If you have any more questions, Okidoki travel agency will surely help you with them. Good luck!

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